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About the treatments

Eyebrows and lashes are important features of the face and proper care can enhance their appearance. It's important to consult with a professional technician who specializes in brow and lash treatments to ensure safe and satisfactory results. They can assess your individual needs and provide recommendations for the most suitable treatments for you. We offer many brows and lash treatments so everyone can find a suitable treatment for themselves.

  • Enhanced Eye Definition
  • No need of make up
  • Improved Symmetry of brows
  • Boosted Confidence
  • Captivating look
  • Youthful Appearance



Embrowdery is a method whereby fine strokes are penetrated into the skin for a hair-like finish. The appearance is completely natural and blends with or without hair along the brow bone. Embrowdery only penetrates the very top layer of the skin- only hand tool is used. The tool is placed on the surface of the skin and gently moved forward and up to flow pigment into the skin – various lining and shading techniques are used.

Natural shades are easily achieved. Within a week of your first treatment the colour will fade significantly and over the next our weeks can continue to fade as much as 70%. This is considered an extremely positive occurance as it allows you time to reflect on your shape and colour. After this period the second phase of Embrowdery is carried out. At this point any changes you would like to make are discussed. Once again you can expect the colour to fade, but to a much lesser degree. Four weeks later and you can decide if you would like us to go over the brows again for more definition… It’s totally up to you!

The procedure is virtually painless and has been likened to the sensation of eyebrow plucking and not as severe as eyebrow threading. Whilst undergoing the procedure, anesthetic is continually applied to decrease any pain or discomfort. The side effects are simply a little redness around the skin area which fades away in a matter of hours and can easily be camouflaged with make-up. The Embrowdery specialist has total control over the speed and if for any reason you feel uncomfortable, your therapist will simply slow down and lift off. This also makes it almost impossible to make a mistake.

Embrowdery design is not determined by fashion trends. The therapist firstly analyses the shape of the face. The perfect brow for your face will be drawn on for you to analyse carefully. Adjustments will be continually made until we are sure that you are 100% happy with the shape we design for you. The Embrowdery technique is then carried out.

Benefits of Embrowdery:
  • Virtually Painless
  • Practically impossible to differentiate between Embrowdery and real brow hairs
  • A few strokes can simply be added to your own brow to create definition or extra length and thickness
  • In most cases it can eliminate the need for eyebrow tinting
  • Perfect for those who have over plucked or lost their brows through age / hormonal changes
  • Works wonderfully for those suffering the hair loss side effects from Chemotherapy
  • Easily maintain your own brows after treatment

Price List:

First appointment
Second appointment
Third appointment
Top up - up to 6 months
Top up - up to 12 months
Top up - up to 18 months
Top up - up to 24 months

Eyebrow & Eyelash care

Eyebrow & Eyelash care

Well groomed eyebrows and eyelashes can create a stunning frame for your face. Additionally, removing unwanted hair and exfoliating your brows contribute to maintaining their health and vitality. Well-groomed brow can create a polished look that enhances your appearance. Even without a drop of makeup, a woman with well-kept tinted and shaped eyebrows will typically appear more clean and refined.

We also offer lash lift (Yumi Lashes) It is a cosmetic procedure that's meant to curl your existing eyelashes, giving the appearance of longer, fuller lashes. This relatively low-maintenance process lifts and curls lashes long-term. For those looking to save a little time off of their morning routines, this might be a treatment to consider. It is a great alternative for lash extension.  Yumi Brows- brow lamination - it's all about straightening the hairs. Basically, if your hair strands are forever growing in an unruly direction, you've got gaps, or were victim to the overplucked area then that's exactly where brow lamination comes in to help solve that.

Price List:

Eyelash Tint
Eyebrow Tint
Eyebrow Shape
Eyebrow and Eyelash tint
Eyebrow Tint and Shape
Lash & Brow tint and shape
Ultimates Brows in HD
Yumi Lashes
Yumi Brows- Brows Lamination
Yumi Lashes and Brows

Lash extensions

Lash extensions

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent fibers that are glued to your natural lashes to make them appear longer, thicker and darker. The goal of lash extensions is to give the eyes a made-up appearance without the use of mascara.

Our luxurious lashes are applied with a specially developed adhesive individually onto your natural eyelashes and look absolutely natural.

Our products are developed and generated in the European region. The high-class standard is therefore guaranteed.The eyelash lengthening is not painful and takes between 1 and 2 hours, depending on how many eyelashes are applied. You lie calmly, with closed eyes on a cosmetic bed.

*Refills for Full Sets are recommended every 3-4 weeks.

Price List:

Full set of mink individual eyelash extensions
Refill of mink individual eyelash extensions
Full set of Volume/Russian style Eyelash Extension
Refill of Volume/Russian style Eyelash Extension
Full set of hybrid Lashes - half volume half Mink
Refill of hybrid Lashes - half volume half Mink
Express Volume Lashes
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most.

Can I swim or shower with lash extensions?
Yes you can. We recommend do not wet your lashes for the first 24 hours but after that period of time you can swim and shower as usual. It’s important to avoid excessive exposure to water, steam, or oil-based products, as they can weaken the adhesive and cause the extensions to fall off prematurely.
How long does it take for eyebrows toheal after Embrowdery treatment?
The healing process for eyebrows typically takes about 4 weeks. During this time, the eyebrows may go through various stages, including scabbing, flaking, and fading. It's important to follow the aftercare instructions provided by your therapist to ensure proper healing and long-lasting results.
Can I still wear makeup with lash extensions?
Yes, you can still wear makeup , but it's important to be cautious and use oil-free products. Avoid using mascara on the lash extensions, as it can cause clumping and damage. 
How often should I get tinting and brows shaping?
We recommend to have it done monthly.
How often should I get Embrowdery top up?
Most of the clients get it done once a year but it depends of various factors such as the individual's skin type, lifestyle, and aftercare. Touch-up sessions are necessary to maintain the desired shape and colour of the eyebrows.
Do I need a patch test before brow and lash treatments?
Yes, most of the treatments require patch test before your first appointment.

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