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About the treatments

Simply Beauty Nail Bar at SimplyBeauty offers a wide range of nail care.

Within our services we provide the highest quality products. We only use the best products for our clients and we truly believe they are the best quality we can use. We give all our clients the best, healthy and glamorous results to their nails. So why not come to us to discover our best nail care.  We offer a variety of nail treatments from natural nails, gel and many more, including deluxe spa pedicure.

  • Improved confidence
  • Enhanced appearance
  • Improved nail health
  • Hydration and exfoliation
  • Good looking hands and feet

Hands treatments

Hands treatments

Discover the secrets to beautifully maintained hands, and experience the transformative power of our hands-focused treatments. Explore our offerings and let us pamper your hands to perfection, giving you a newfound confidence in every gesture you make.

Price List:

Spa CND Manicure:
shape, cuticles removing, peeling, hand massage, hydrating mask and polish of your choice - 60min
Full CND Manicure:
shape, cuticles removing, hand massage, hydrating mask and polish of your choice - 45min
Mini Manicure CND Vynylux:
shape, cuticles removing, polish of your choice - 30min
Japanese manicure :
care treatment, consisting of rubbing a special paste onto natural nail and applying a layer of powder onto it, strengthens natural nails - 30min
Gel Polish Manicure:
removal of previous application (if required), shape, cuticle work and application of Luxio by Akzentz gel polish - 60min
BIAB - builder in a bottle gel with gel polish colour finish
BIAB - refill
Gel Polish/BIAB Removal with Mini Manicure or Japanese Manicure - 40min
Gel Polish/BIAB Removal – cut, file and buff included - 30min
Full Set of Gel Nails Clear/ Colour or French - 90min
€70 | €80
Gel Refill Clear/ Colour or French - 75mins
€55 | €60
Gel overlay Clear/ Colour of French - 75mins
€55 | €60
Gel Removal - 30min
Add French polish to Manicure
Add Shellac to Manicure
Shellac/Gel Single Nail Repair
€5 | €10

Feet treatments

Feet treatments

Uncover the path to foot perfection, and experience the transformative magic of our foot-focused treatments. Explore our range of services and let us pamper your feet, so you can confidently put your best foot forward.

Price List:

Spa CND Pedicure:
shape, cuticles work, softening feet bath, exfoliation, callus removing, massage,hydrating mask and polish - 75mins
Full CND Pedicure:
shape, cuticles work, softening feet bath, exfoliation, callus removing, massage, and polish - 60mins
Mini CND pedicure:
shape, cuticles removing, softening feet bath, exfoliation, cream and polish of your choice - 45mins
Hygienic Pedicure:
no paint - 30mins
Express CND Vinylux Pedicure:
shape, cuticle work and paint - 30mins
Gel Polish Pedicure:
includes cuticle work and removal if required - 60mins
Gel Polish removal:
cut, file and buff included
Add French Polish to Pedicure
Add Gel Polish to Pedicure
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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you'll find answers to the questions we get asked the most.

What can I do if I am not sure what treatment would be best for me?
You can give us a call and we will be happy to advice the best option for you.
How long does the gel polish last?
It lasts around 2 weeks but many clients get nearly 3 weeks
How long does normal nail polish last?
We use weekly CND polishes so you should get a bit longer out of it comparing to normal nail polish.
How should I look after my manicured hands?
Wear the gloves during housework and avoid direct contact with cleaning products.
What nail product brands do you use?
As the main brands we use CND Vinylux and Luxio Akzentz. Working with them over the years we can guarantee best quality manicures and pedicures.
Should I give my nails breaks between having them done and let them breathe?
There is no need to give them breaks. Nails are dead matter so they don’t need to breathe. They are fed from the bloodstream. All the oxygen the nail matrix needs to grow is supplied from the blood.

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